Marcus Heese wrote:
> so as I've already written a few weeks ago in my mail about the new features 
> for the text-tool in the PDB, I'd like to contribute especially in that part. 
> As far as I understood the discussion about the roadmap, the PDB will get a 
> little rework for the 2.6 release (named parameters, etc.).

It is nice of you to offer to work on improving the text tool portion of GIMP. 
This is one of those items that has needed work for sometime. It would be 
worth looking at the text tool related items in Bugzilla. The main (tracking) 
bug about text tool fixes and enhancement is bug #136740.

I saw, but haven't tried, the patch you sent to the mailing list. I see you 
are allowing extra text options to be set but it isn't easy to see what you 
are proposing. A new text tool API is one of the outstanding bug reports. It 
would be helpful to see a summary of the API changes you feel should be made 
in a form some along the lines of the PDB browser (ie. function name, 
arguments required, and values returned).

I have done a little bit of work on the text operation of GEGL and I know 
there can be a lot of parameters to set/get. Will you handle only some 
parameters now and others later? How would the extra parameters be handled 
later? Setting/getting all text parameters in one call may not be the best 
option. This may depend on the whether the PDB supported the use of named 
parameters when a new text tool API is being implemented.

Just some things to think about while you plan out a new text tool API. 
Hopefully, the next version of the text tool and its API will "get it right 
the first time". :-) Looking forward to the improvements you come up with.


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