A Friday 09 November 2007 13:01:06, vocĂȘ escreveu:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 12:36 -0300, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> > One other smallf eature I will want to add is the ability to add free-
> > angled guides. I have this almost complete on my codebase, just .XCF
> > saving for it is missing. I should commit that early on 2.6 cycle.
> I would like to get some feedback from the UI team and from some artists
> on this. And of course the patch would have to be reviewed before it is
> committed. I am not yet convinced that this is an important feature and
> I also have the impression that it's just added ad-hoc without seeing
> the big picture. It certainly has the potential to cause a lot of
> problems.

I had never added a UI for it - I add then through scripts. 
And except for bugs with the guides thenselves (which i ironed out as I 
developed then), I never had any side effect from using them. Snapping to 
these guides or intesections of these guides and others works fine. If tehre 
are potential greater problems, just a larger userbase  would be able to 
detect it, and then we just fix it, or remove the feature if it needs very 
large changes to other program areas to work properly. 

And rest assured I would not commit it without having an ok from you first.

Of course I'd like more feedback from users and the UI team, but nearly 
everyone I had mentioned this had liked the idea. It is of little use in a 
program like GIMP where free handed drawing is not emphasized, but sometimes 
it is just nice it is there. (like for stamping a brush repeating it at a 
gven angle).

My idea for UI is just writing some code for the rotate tool to be able to 
rotate guides, just as the move tool can move guides. i think that once 
tested this won't get in anyone's path and will be a little nice feature for 



> Sven

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