Sampo Niskanen wrote:

> In previous versions of Gimp, the crop tool had the option to resize  
> the
> canvas, but not to crop the layers.  This functionality has been  
> removed
> in recent versions (or at least I can't find it).  This totally  
> disrupted
> my regular workflow with all photos.
> Though the highlighting feature in the crop tool gives a better view  
> on
> the result, it never was exactly to my liking the first time.   
> Therefore I
> always only shrank the canvas, and then used the move tool and canvas
> resizing to fine-tune the positioning, and finally flattened the  
> image.

so the core of the discussion is your personal workaround for the
highlighting feature in GIMP 2.2.

Can I invite you to work with "Highlight: off" in GIMP 2.4,
for a month to get the hang of it, and report back how it is going?


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