peter sikking wrote:
> Sampo Niskanen wrote
>> Thank you Martin for the quick patch.  I re-built the Ubuntu  
>> packages with
>> the patch and it works great!  However, I agree with others that the
>> option name should be changed or some other option used for this.
> can I strongly suggest not to apply this patch in svn?
> this is now a complex issue, with non-destructive crop, resizing of
> layers/canvas, normal crop all in the mix. no time for a quick hack.

I agree that the quick patch that made layers not be cropped if Allow
growing was checked was a bad idea and I will not apply it.

But what about making layers not be cropped by default and only crop
them if Current layer only is checked in the crop tool options? That's
also a one-line patch and is compatible with our future plans to make
layer sizes automanaged and GIMP generally more non-destructive.
Currently I don't see any use case that would severely break because of
this change, so unless someone objects I will commit this change in a
couple of days.

- Martin
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