On 07/19/2009 11:06 AM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 07/18/2009 09:10 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
>> If you really need the semantics of
>> gimp_export_image() as an interim solution, that's fine. But then we
>> don't need to add an extra API for this. If you pass NULL as
>> 'format_name' to gimp_export_image(), then it will not ask the user any
>> dialogs.
> That would not be a good API, but as an interim solution it would work.
> So the only API I will add to libgimp then is
> GtkWidget *
> gimp_export_dialog_new (const gchar *format_name,
> const gchar *role,
> const gchar *help_id)
> GtkWidget *
> gimp_export_dialog_get_content_area (GtkWidget *dialog)
> Unless more complications arise I will add and port to this API soon

I have now introduced and ported file plug-ins to this API in git master.

  / Martin
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