Sparr wrote:

> Maybe I just want to 'touch' the file and saving is the fastest
> possible way to do that.
> Perhaps I modified or deleted the file on disk, and want to save the
> copy that exists in GIMP over whatever is on the disk.  I am not sure
> if GIMP is already aware of this situation

Valid point. If I am trying to save to recover a deleted file this 
becomes a data loss scenario.

> In some situations, the Save operation produces dialogs from the
> export plugin, which do not affect the image in GIMP but do affect the
> saved image.  What if I just want to change the decisions that I made
> there? (again, this may already be handled well).

In the same way that I had to make a small edit to save the comment 
because of the parasite bug, if I want to resave a jpeg with various 
compression ratios until I get a suitable result , I would presumably 
have to Save As... to serval new files and clean up with a file manager 

When I have to start looking for work arounds like this , the interface 
is trying to be too clever.

Let me drive !

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