On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 01:32 -0500, Erik Lotspeich wrote:

> > It is in GTK+, not in GIMP. You are complaining to the wrong people. We
> > are just using the portable Print API and expect things to work on all
> > platforms. If that is not the case, then someone needs to fix the
> > platform-specific code in the print backend in GTK+.
> Yes, I guess I'm beginning to understand this fact.  I am still not
> convinced that the GTK+ printing API is "ready for prime time".  Because
> of Gimp's unique needs, I still can't help but think a better approach
> is needed for Gimp.

If GTK+ print is not ready, then our goal should be to get it there. It
is after all one of the most widely used printing APIs in the free
software world, it hides the platform details, is portable and it is in
our software stack w/o introducing an extra dependency. And it is the
printing UI that our target users (Linux users that use a GTK+ based
desktop) are familiar with. That's a lot of good reasons to keep it. And
so far I got the impression that it's just some minor details that are

> Say you want to print a 4x6 image at 300dpi (1200x1800) to 4x6 photo
> paper.  There's basically only one way you're going to want to print
> that.  Orientation is absolutely meaningless in that context.  With the
> Gutenprint Gimp plug-in, I never have to worry about it.  With GTK+, I
> always have to worry -- what do I set it to?  My printer only accepts
> 4x6 paper one way (e.g. lengthwise) regardless of the orientation of the
> input image.  But what if the image is a landscape image (e.g 6x4,
> 1800x1200)?  What to do in this case?  I have no idea, to be honest.  I
> can only try one option and hope -- and waste a sheet of photo paper if
> I guessed wrong.  I believe that this part should be made easier and
> more intuitive.

Oh, this works totally straight-forward with my printer. If I select
Landscape paper orientation, then it will rotate the printout for me. Of
course I don't have to feed it the paper in landscape orientation. I
wonder if there's something that should be done differently in the way
that GTK+ Print talks to your printer driver. This seems to be an issue
somewhere down the way to your printer.

We could of course add a UI for changing the image orientation with
regards to the paper orientation. But I am afraid that this will only
make things more complex. Another setting that you would have to deal
with. That means more chances to get it wrong.


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