What do you think about the method for splitting/joining views in
Blender 2.5?
It's fast, it kinda covers the idea of the image parade and it allows to
float a section as a new window.
The only thing needed would be something to mark which is the active
image and that would be enough for most of the described cases.

I prepared a brief screencast showing how it works.

thanks for that, I watched it a dozen times, even in slow-motion.

first I noticed this set-up has no rulers or scrollbars. we have
and I am avoiding the replication of the all over the screen.

you can see here sort of the same problem that that control bar
below the canvas is repeated for each of them. that sort of hides
that they have to repeat that clever divider/split handle for each
pane (OK, we could only show it for the current active pane, but
that is slower)

another thing I see here is filling the new tile immediately with the
same thing as the parent one. I thought I wanted to do that too, but
then realised that in GIMP an empty tile would be automatically a
drag-n-drop target to open an image, from the parade, file browser, etc.

being empty does give a requirement where the new tile has to appear:
for l-to-r locales it has to be on the right, so it would have to be
'pulled in' from the right. which would put that clever split handle
in the corner where resize corners are found: bottom-right. ouch.

float a tile as a new window: could be for multi-win (but how to not
introduce visual clutter for this), not for single win.

then there is a the arbitrary splitting. I have a funny feeling about that.
has to do with how arbitrary the result is. and how, and how fast, do I
build 9 (halfway) equally sized tiles to start filling with images?
I know a fast way for that (View->Tile->9-square) but that is
incompatible with arbitrary splitting.

and how does blender define the current canvas one is working on?
I would expect the load of inspectors on the right and bottom of
the screen to track the current canvas.


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