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> On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 3:17 AM, peter sikking <>  
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>> another thing I see here is filling the new tile immediately with the
>> same thing as the parent one.
> Auto filling fits with blender UI concept but not with gimp-s. Its
> important to remember that in blender you can only have  ONE project
> file open at any given time and all these tiles display different
> aspects of that same project. Not so in gimp.

that is what I suspected about blender. and right: "not so in gimp."

>> then there is a the arbitrary splitting. I have a funny feeling  
>> about that.
> How a bout using a modifier to span the split.

you know, the quest here is really is speed-of-set-up. It has got to
be so easy to knock these splits up from scratch that only a minority
of users will have a urge to ask for saving these configurations
(they will eventually, and one day we will, eventually).

so thanks to the challenge and discussion in Guillermo’s email and
this one I am also getting there on the flexibility front. I now
have a system where in 4 (four) user actions a 12-way split
(3 rows, 4 columns) can be set up with the size of the main image
and of the 11 other ones set ‘just right.’ and then there is the
flexibility that when each of these 12 tiles/images is the current
image, there can be a different sizing of the main image and the
11 other ones.

and I am working on keeping the clutter further down.

>> and how does blender define the current canvas one is working on?
> Actually, the current one is the one that has your mouse cursor and
> that's the only bit of info you need.

ah, right, cursor. I already realised that when someone wrote here
or in a comment on my blog ‘to do it like xyz code editor’ that
these apps have a cursor. which defines the focus. we do not have
always a cursor. or we have multiple (highlighted paths). or it
is in the other image (cloning). again: "not so in gimp."


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