On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 3:17 AM, peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net> wrote:
> another thing I see here is filling the new tile immediately with the
> same thing as the parent one. I thought I wanted to do that too, but
> then realised that in GIMP an empty tile would be automatically a
> drag-n-drop target to open an image, from the parade, file browser, etc.
Auto filling fits with blender UI concept but not with gimp-s. Its
important to remember that in blender you can only have  ONE project
file open at any given time and all these tiles display different
aspects of that same project. Not so in gimp.

> then there is a the arbitrary splitting. I have a funny feeling about that.
> has to do with how arbitrary the result is. and how, and how fast, do I
> build 9 (halfway) equally sized tiles to start filling with images?
> I know a fast way for that (View->Tile->9-square) but that is
> incompatible with arbitrary splitting.
How a bout using a modifier to span the split. Basically, when you
start the split you can control the position by dragging and only the
current pane, the one that you started to split is split, but if
during split, before commiting by releasing the mouse button shift is
pressed, the split is made to span the whole screen. This will mean
that 9-square split will take total of 4 splits, two of those

> and how does blender define the current canvas one is working on?
> I would expect the load of inspectors on the right and bottom of
> the screen to track the current canvas.
Actually, the current one is the one that has your mouse cursor and
that's the only bit of info you need. It works surprisingly well for
blender and its specifics, but I think it would be quite had to make
it work for gimp because in a piece of pixel art, I want my mouse off
canvas unless I'm actually using it.

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