On Sep 29, 2009, at 9:40 AM, Nathan Summers wrote:

> I'm still thinking GIMP could benefit from Eclipse-style
> "perspectives", where which dialogs are visible and which are hidden
> are user-defined sets that can be switched between.  The user can then
> define which dialogs are useful for certain commonly occurring tasks
> and quickly switch between them.  It takes a little getting used to at
> first, but once you understand the paradigm you never want to go back
> to managing individual windows.

In my personal preference, Eclipse's "perspectives" are an interesting  
idea but one that is implemented somewhat poorly. Even after using it  
for years I still find it a very clumsy and inefficient implementation.

A recent example of some of my bad experience was when I was coding  
and debugging some Java while working on both BIRT and Crystal  
reports. That's four different "perspectives" I had to try to work in.  
The UI gave poor switching and tracking of the current "mode", and  
there were even technical problems where they fought over keys and  
killed shortcuts in each other. Quite painful.
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