Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Or are people too used to the concept of layer modes that it would
> be suicide to make them less prominent?

First of all, my field is digital painting/drawing [1], not photography 
retouching, so we may have different views on this.

I rarely use layer modes except for the Overlay one which I use quite 
often [2], but I've seen many people using them extensively, mostly for 
artistic work, in order to create effects and tricks of all sorts.

I personally have never thought of layer modes as way to obtain 
primitive non-destructiveness, but as one to obtain some effects that 
would be otherwise long/tricky/impossible to do or to have more control 
on them compared to filters/plug-ins.

Will GEGL be able to do the same (or even more advanced ones) layer 
operations as layer modes currently allow?

If yes, then I have no problem in removing the layer mode concept, as 
probably won't the majority of people who uses them now.

If not/maybe not, then I think they will definitely need to remain.


[1] By the way, many people would find nice to see more digital-artist 
oriented features such as a mixing brush for example, of which there's a 
third party GIMP source code patch here:

[2] I use paint modes more, especially Multiply, as it's so useful. 
Off-topic note: paint modes would be much more useful if there was a 
"sample merged" option for painting tools too, so that they will pick up 
colors from lower layers.

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