yahvuu wrote:
David Gowers wrote:
Rather than better documentation, I believe better visualization is
the path to improvement of user understanding:
Using the layer thumbnails (and GEGL cache?) to build a 'preview'
composited thumbnail for each mode and show it  (next to the text or
as a tooltip) would help the user to understand at a glance the
general working of a layer mode they are considering. The composite
thumbnails could be generated on-demand and otherwise in idle time (so
the person who knows exactly which layer mode they need would not be
impacted -- they could select layer mode just as fast as before, and
if they did need the thumbnails, they'd only need to wait a fraction
of a second longer.)

stretching the idea a bit further, the previews could be arranged as a table:

... just brainstorming..
Someone's getting a book out of this discussion, and when you do, I'll buy it.

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