On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Ilya Zakharevich
<nospam-ab...@ilyaz.org> wrote:
> On 2009-10-02, peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net> wrote:
>>> However, I do not see how much this would affect the (AFAIK) main
>>> complaint about multi-window GIMP: that having several windows with
>>> several possibilities of what is focused requires many extraneous
>>> mouse clicks and/or keypresses.
>> the introduction of a single window mode is in no way related to that.
> Good to know; so let me refine: is there ANYTHING in the move to
> single window which would not be achieved by
>  a) restricting the maximal size of image window to the gap between
>     two toolboxes; and
>  b) making z-order changes syncronized between the main window and
>     toolboxes?
> (I mean: whenever z-order of main GIMP window changes *wrt non-GIMP
> windows*, the z-order of "dependent" windows changes accordingly.
> Same for toolboxes: similar changes in THEIR z-order should be
> reflected in the z-order of the "current" image window)
>>> When the windows are merged into one, STILL only one of subwindows has
>>> a focus?  So how does this improves the current nightmares (e.g.,
>>> keyboard shortcuts not working - especially when most needed ;-)?
>> that is a serious bug.
>> in what version(s) of GIMP does this happen?
> 2.6.6.  Tested on Windows.  Examples:
> a) Press TAB (toolboxes disappear);
>   Press TAB (toolboxes  reappear, focus on "Layers");
>   Press TAB - now you navigate "Layers" toolbox.

I can reproduce this very annoying behaviour. I have to refocus the
image window in order to get TAB to work again, and basically gave up
on using TAB at all. Platform: Arch Linux (i686), GTK 2.16.5, Window
Manager: AwesomeWM 3.3

I believe my WM always focuses the newly shown window, which may
reflect on this behaviour.

> b) Focus to Layers.  Press F11.  Nothing.  Press o.  Nothing.  Press 4
>   (user configured to "1:4 zoom").  Nothing.

I can't reproduce this; all keyboard shortcuts work as expected,
except where they conflict (for example, when a text-entry field like
palette or color name is in focus, you have to be able to type o as an
ordinary letter). May be Windows-only.
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