Graeme Gill wrote:
> Sparr wrote:
>> is broken, switch (temporarily)".  Everyone waited for Microsoft to
>> fix the DX problem (which never happened, ATI and nVidia implemented
>> workarounds in their drivers instead).  Expecting Blizzard's
>> developers to fix (or even acknowledge) bugs in Microsoft's code is
>> silly[1].
> Try looking at this type of situation from the user point of
> view - it's all finger pointing, and doesn't actually help solve the
> problem. As soon as you put the user first, then as the vendor
> of a tool you will try to fix the problem if you can (working around it
> if you must), irrespective of who is ultimately "responsible".
> [ It's all about attitude. Saying "It's not my fault" is an unhelpful
>    attitude. Saying "Patches welcome" is an unhelpful attitude.
>    Saying "Stop complaining, you got it for free!" is an unhelpful
>    attitude. Saying "Too bad, it works for me" is an unhelpful
>    attitude. Being unhelpful is a confrontational stance that gets
>    peoples backs up, and convinces them that you are not to be trusted,
>    since you seem to have no empathy for their situation, and seem
>    to have no pride in what you do.
> ]
> Graeme Gill.

Some of your comments are valid but your basic premise is wrong. There 
is nothing for sale, so the is NO VENDOR.

neither is a GIMP a "product" in more than the most literal term that it 
is something which is produced.

Applying your marketing terminology and mentality to a FOSS project is 
wrong . Different motivations are the driving force.  The "customer" is 
not king. He can be a collaborator.

 >Saying "Stop complaining, you got it for free!" is an unhelpful
 >    attitude.

So is complaining. With FOSS you can submit bugs reports if something 
does not work , request a feature is you have an idea or contribute to 
the project. The is no channel or reason to deal with "complaints".

If you see a homeless person with his hand out and give him burger, you 
don't expect him to come back and complain about the sauce.

But it's also true that suggesting something could be done differently 
is sometimes taken as an affront , that is unhelpful and may hinder 
improvements being made.

Many FOSS projects are refractory to user feedback and ideas coming from 


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