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>> I can see how a John Do can blame GIMP for GTK+ issues, but I don't
>> see why GIMP developers should bother about John Do's misconceptions
>> about software development.
> These are not misconceptions.  Software does not modularize; at least
> not in the sense of dilution of responsibility.  If you use a library,
> its bugs BUG YOU.

Of course software responsibility modularizes.  When World of Warcraft
had graphics glitches on DirectX but not on OpenGL, whose fault was
that?  If your answer was "Microsoft", move to the head of the class.
WoW users complained to Blizzard, who responded "Microsoft's library
is broken, switch (temporarily)".  Everyone waited for Microsoft to
fix the DX problem (which never happened, ATI and nVidia implemented
workarounds in their drivers instead).  Expecting Blizzard's
developers to fix (or even acknowledge) bugs in Microsoft's code is

[1] plenty of WoW players are also silly, and thus continued to blame
Blizzard, as you are blaming GIMP now for bugs in GTK+.  Yes, I am
calling you silly.
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