On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 11:46 AM,  <g...@catking.net> wrote:
> Patrick Horgan wrote:
>> One hand on the tablet and the other on the pen doesn't leave a third
>> for the keyboard.
> sounds a bit like holding your mouse mat whilst using the mouse to stop
> it sliding around.

Mouse is relative so moving mouse mat is a use issue. However, tablet
is an absolute device so holding the tablet is a bit different.
If you draw on a paper, you turn te paper to get your strokes to run
conveniently for your hand. Thats something I do holding my tablet. I
tilt my head and turn the tablet to keep the alignment. My tablet
positioning tends to depend on what I do. Scetching, creative painting
etc, I hold my tablet and align it as I need with the screen. Just
using as a mouse, I set it down next to my laptop and keep my other
hand on the keyboard, but I do that only about 20% of the time. Mouse
is much more convenient for such interaction.

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