>> What about showing a small "remove selection" button near the "Toggle
>> Quick" Mask button? That would be in my opinion a very logical place for
>> the proposed close box [x] to be, would take out very little space and
>> be always visible.
> Yea!!!  Seems like an obvious idea now that I've heard it that would
> make tablet user's lifes more happy:)

If you want to dream of selection "quick-buttons", I'd suggest:
Toggle Quickmask (existing), Toggle Last Selection (one click sets it
to selection of "none" and a second click would bring back the last
selection before it was made to none, using one of the methods.  The
advantage to this, is a selection could be set, work done, then
toggled and work done and bring back the selection to do more work
again.  Sort of a streamlined version of saving, clearing, then later
restoring a selection.) and Invert Selection.

But this should move over to the UI brainstorm at this point ;)

-Rob A>
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