As an end user with no expertise in what is being said in this discussion I 
would like to ask three questions:

1. Why such focus on Lab, which seems to be problematic?  Why can't YCbCr ITU 
R470 or R709 be used?   They work without issues for luminance transfer in 
Decompose/Recompose.  I'm sure there's a good answer and would like to 
understand it.

2. There's been a couple of mentions on this list about being able to do colour 
or luminance processing without a new layer.  The Fade command already offers 
that: you run a command, then Fade at 100%, using the relevant transfer mode. 
 Will the Fade command be updated with the new transfer methods?

3.  If yes to the above, could someone look into making the Fade command 
available in more circumstances?  At the moment, you run something thinking 
"I'll transfer this with Multiply" or whatever, only to discover that the Fade 
command is grayed out in the menu.



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