yahvuu wrote:
> I guess pretty much everyone agrees that ideally the color profiles of 
> imported images
> should neither affect layer blending nor any tool's characteristics.

The whole point of color profiles is to describe how to interpret the
device values as visual colors. So a tool that purports to work in a device
independent colorspace, will (apart from gamut limits) have an effect that
is not visually affected by the color profiles, but will of course have quite
different affects on the device dependent values.

> The only sane way to achieve this is, like James says, to "choose a single 
> color space
> and stick with it". This is possible with floating point processing (GEGL).
> All imported image data gets convert to, say scRGB, processing take places, 
> and on export
> data may be converted to a different color space, if necessary.

This would be ridiculous - by misinterpreting the device dependent colors you
would be applying visual adjustments that differ between images, rather than
being the same. The fact that you have applied uniform changes to the device
values is not what you want, since the device values have different meanings
for different device colorspaces.

Graeme Gill.
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