On 09/01/2010 02:37 AM, Rupert Weber wrote:
> On 08/30/2010 09:34 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>>> Is it decided that GEGL will not support the legacy modes, or should
>>> they be implemented in GEGL as well to retain backward compatability?
>> There is one big issue left to settle
> I just meant if GEGL should also implement the current HSV-based color
> layer modes for (then) old files, or if GEGL will stay with just
> supporting the LCH modes.

Sorry, I got carried away :)

My point was that we either decide that GEGL should render just like 
legacy, in which case we would need to implement both kinds of color 
layer modes in GEGL, or we decide that some incompatibilities are OK, in 
which case we don't need the legacy color modes in GIMP.

If we end up using the SVG 1.2 compositing model, we have decided we 
won't be compatible. But if we change to use our legacy compositing 
model in GEGL too, then for simplicity we should also make sure to 
render legacy files with GEGL like the legacy rendering engine does it, 
i.e. implement all layer modes.

Right now, the Overlay layer mode actually renders differently in GEGL 
than in legacy, so we would also have to introduce an "(obsolete)" 
version of Overlay. (The legacy Overlay is exactly identical to legacy 
Soft Light, but the GEGL Overlay is different from the GEGL Soft Light.)

  / Martin


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