I have replied to your bug comment before seeing this email - sorry :P

I suggested a solution to your use case there in my comment (please
read it first), and I'll add some more detail here:
You say that we "Enforce" the UI changes on the users, and as a matter
of fact you are right. BUT, think on the other side: If every program
would have an option to get back it's old UI, it will have 3 problems:
1. Users will keep using the old UI they are used to, and they will
possibly miss the new features of the new UI that make it better. This
will make UI development a waste of time since people will also teach
new users to use the old UI...
2. It requires lots of work to keep several UI options available - if
we do this for every UI change, it will result in many code that will
just be there for compatiability without doing anything more useful.
3. You have to draw the line sometimes. Every program does UI changes
as it evolves, as a part of it's vision. Even blender which you
mentioned made a massive change between 2.4 and 2.5, and no, they have
no option to use the old UI again. Each program has a UI designed for
it's special case, so saying "Blender has it" does not matter since
blender is used for a completly different purpose - If you'll show
something like this in some 2D app which matches GIMP's product vision
(see http://gui.gimp.org/) it may be more relevant.

I'm very glad to see the discussion here since we are recieving
feedback in the right place - and we need user feedback. But unless
you show some clear case, WHICH IS SUITING THE PRODUCT VISION, where
the new UI is a problem, I don't see any reason to change back.

I'm more than open to see specific cases (which I did not already
answer in the bug report) in which the new UI is a problem. If you
will find some critical cases in which the new UI is worse than the
old - we will consider undoing the change :) But please do note the
word "critical" which I used - just saying "I'm used to the old
way"/"it's more comfortable in case XXX" (where XXX is a very rare
case) is not enough.
As far as it may sounds anoying, the program will not be tailor-made
to match your useage of it - it will made to be useful to the biggest
amount of target users it can, even if it leave some few unfortunate
users in a less comfortable situation.
For example, I find the new UI very comfortable and more intuitive -
and it just shows that not all users agree.

So, please find some critical user-case in which the new UI is
problomatic, or contribute a patch that allows choosing between the
two UI's. If such a patch will be present, and if it is elegant
enough, there are higher chances of it being implemented.

Happy GIMPing :)
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