Hello Patrick,

Thank you for the Tab hint. I have tested it a bit more and well its
pretty good I must admit - I have one window, I can spread
windows/images across many desktops and the toolbars are following the
windows. There is no toolbox I got used to, but I can minimize this
no-window, hide other boxes with Tab and get the menu by right click,
so this is pretty much toolbox-menu alike behavior except I have to
click more - this is not a big issue -and I have my functionality
back, a bit different way. For the new design the toolbox and toolbars
could be hidden by default not to mislead old users - otherwise I
automatically look for a menu in the toolbox, when no toolbox is
visible I quickly find no-window menu. When the no-menu is the only
window and its pretty small its almost like old toolbox ;-) As you can
see for my technical drawings/edition the most important was the menu,
not the toolbox itself - this is why I was so upset for removing it
with no option to put it back... and some additional window only
disturbed my work. When the functionality is there, well the rest can
look totally different and I can change my habits to click somewhere
else, as my input to the GIMP development haha ;-)

I also have some remarks to the window focus issues that you experienced:
- if you have focus problem - this may be caused by a window manager -
I am using xfce4 and I have set those settings to make windows behave
as expected in gimp: "click to focus" (instead "focus follows mouse"),
"give focus to new windows" and most important "raise windows that
receive focus".
- in the preferences / window management there is an option to
"activate focused image" - this also may help you
- I am not sure how this works on windows

Also I have some improvement idea - there is an option to save windows
position - this could also obey to the toolboxes and toolbars
visibility, so after GIMP is restarted only the no-window is visible
and no need to press Tab key. The window size is being remembered on
my Unix box, so when I start GIMP and have only no-window and its
almost like in the old GIMP, when both no-window is visible and the
toolbox - this is a bit confusing to me. This could be made as an
option - when user close application with toolbox/toolbars invisible -
they are also hidden after program restart - or they are alsways
visible on start (checbox maybe?). I think "the dinosaurs" can like
this option ;-)

Best regards,

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info
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