On 11/14/2010 11:44 AM, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> On 14.11.2010 01:21, Bill Skaggs wrote:
>> Here is a better reason, maybe.  It is a good thing if people can learn
>> to use Gimp by experimenting.  When features are included for which
>> experimenting leads only to confusion, and never to anything useful,
>> users are discouraged from experimenting.
> Doesn't this boil down to "Remove anything that requires any level of
> education?"

That would be  a caricature. Let's face it, the core of Gimp (and of 
Photoshop, for that matter) requires education. You won't use Gimp 
efficiently without a good understanding of such concepts as selection, 
layers & canvas, transparency... If you look at Gimp forums, you see 
very basic questions. Consider the amateur photographer and Gimp 
beginner who wants to add some sharpening of a picture. What filter to 
use? Sharpen? Unsharp mask? NL? Why does Gimp offers the three? What are 
the differences? That's a bit of a culture shock when one comes from 
Picasa.Putting the "Unsharp mask" one in a "Photo" submenu would already 
be a hint.

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