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> The thing is, that we concluded that permamenet transition or even
> occasional use of Gimp would be much more appealing for Ps-bred guys
> (like me ;)) if one would have possibility to use the same (or at least
> much similar) keyboard shortcuts.

There's some danger here -- as people in Germany found when they
compared moving to KDE or Gnome from Windows: when the new system is too
similar to the old, people start going into automatic mode, and trip up
much more over the differences.

When I first started using the "evolution" gnome mail program, I
couldn't at first figure out why I kept sending out unedited drafts...
then I realised it was because it was enough like Sun's mailtool I'd
used a decade earlier that without thinking, I was pressing the command
to go to the start/top of my message, to re-read before sending, but in
evolution that same keypress meant "send immediately without asking for
confirmation"!  I'd used a non-gui mailer for about 10 years in the
meantime, and had totally forgotten.

> So, how about a small extension to GUI to let one choose one of
> predefined shortcut sets and including “Photoshop compatible” shortcuts
> to the source tree? I know many people would be much pleased
> with that, since a seasoned Ps user tend to rather “just poke the right
> key” to do his bidding that to wander through the menu. I'm not trying
> to prove one shortcut scheme better than the other.

Getting people started using gimp can be a good thing, although this can
also make it harder for them to progress beyond the intersection of
PhotoShop and GIMP. One also has to be aware that Adobe has in the past
filed (successfully) law suits against competitors who were copying
PhotoShop user interface features -- the key bindings are part of
Adobe's intellectual property, they would probably argue.

Given those things, I'd prefer to provide a really good "Libre Graphics
for Photoshop Users" that talks also about when to use GIMP and when to
use Inkscape, ImageMagick, darktable (if you can figure the damn thing
out).  The "default image" in krita is one good example of how to give
useful information, even though I'd still prefer a blank image.

So, how about Help->Getting Started ? I'll help write it, if there's
agreement that it could be included.

I dare say that "Adobe-style keybindings" could be included too, since
the GIMP project isn't very rich (and therefore Adobe would be unlikely
to recoup their legal costs if they went after us) -- if there are
objections, we could just remove the bindings.


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