> The world would be better if each application domain had a consistent
> set of core accelerators.  File->New, File->Save, Cut/Copy/Paste, etc.
> are good for most all applications.  For a graphics program, common
> tools like Pencil, Eraser, Move, Crop, etc. should have consistent
> accelerators.  Accelerators can diverge where the application domain
> differs of course (e.g. raster versus vector editors) and where
> applications specialize (tablet support versus not), but within each
> sub-domain consistent cross-application accelerators would be better.

But they don't.  Maintaining legacy shortcuts prevents moving forward
with new features.

I still know the ctrl+k codes required for the first editor I used -
I've never expected every other editor I use to support them.

Even M$oft changes their own shortcuts all the time.  We moved to
Office 2007 at my work, and most of the shortcuts have changed.  Part
of it is intentional - by breaking the habits of users you can move
them to new paradigms of UI.

Just my 2 bits.

-Rob A>
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