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>> The world would be better if each application domain had a consistent
>> set of core accelerators.  File->New, File->Save, Cut/Copy/Paste, etc.
>> are good for most all applications.  For a graphics program, common
>> tools like Pencil, Eraser, Move, Crop, etc. should have consistent
>> accelerators.  Accelerators can diverge where the application domain
>> differs of course (e.g. raster versus vector editors) and where
>> applications specialize (tablet support versus not), but within each
>> sub-domain consistent cross-application accelerators would be better.
> But they don't.  Maintaining legacy shortcuts prevents moving forward
> with new features.

What don't what?  I'm not at all suggesting immutable accelerators -
in the next paragraph I clearly state: "even if it means that
accelerators occasionally change between versions."

As one example (likely not the best one, I'm sure), GIMP uses <Ctrl>+,
for FG Color Fill and <Ctrl>+. for BG Color Fill.  I assume these keys
are near each other on all keyboards...

PhotoShop uses <Alt>+<Backspace> for FG Fill and <Ctrl>+<Backspace>
for BG Fill.  <Shift>+<Backspace> pulls up the Fill Dialog.  These
seem like reasonable accelerators that don't conflict with GIMP's.  I
used this for reference:

Paint Shop Pro doesn't seem to have a "fill" accelerator, but it looks
like Paint.NET uses <Backspace>:

Confusingly, Ps uses unmodified <Backspace> as a synonym for <Delete>.
 But based on my sample size of 3, one could say that there may be a
convergence towards <Backspace> as having something to do with fills.
This is hardly overwhelming evidence of anything, but if we as a
graphics-software producing community can all agree that <Backspace> =
"Fills", that will only help the users of our collective software.

This suggestion isn't so much about cloning "competitive" software but
of recognizing that graphics professionals may use many different (but
similar) tools and the more similarity there is among them the better
off they will be in producing their works.

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