> On 2/13/11, LightningIsMyName wrote:
> > I'm starting this thread to list ideas for Google Summer of Code
> > 2011, for the GIMP project. Since in the last year collecting ideas
> > was done partially by the mailing list, let's try it again this
> > year and keep most ideas here.
> In 2009 and 2010 guiguru did GIMP related usability workshops that
> haven't resulted in a spec yet (the 2008 one has), but some useful
> material presumably is available:
> - vector layers and drawing geometric primitives [1]

I'm not convinced of the notion of vector layers. Sure they can be nice
addition but I fear they'll end up being quite frustrating. I think so
because to make them as ellastic and usable as in vector graphics
editors one'd have to double such editor in GIMP. If one won't do that
then there's a danger of whole tool being not much more than a toy. I'm
not generally enemy of the idea, but I've got my fears and doubts if it
hase to be done that way.

I've got a dream about visual editing program consisting of different
components, each taking care of one of presentation aspects with one
underlaying rendering engine (target aware angine—I don't like cairo's
“I don't care what's on the end” attitude ;)). Such program would load
dynamically a set of editing tools if needed and only the needed. So if
one's editing vector there'll be full blown toolset for that–no
compromises, no implementation doubling. If one's to typeset a book,
there would be loaded typesetting engine loaded with all controls
available and so on. But I digress :).

> - unification of selection tools (no reports from it, IIRC)
> [1] http://blog.mmiworks.net/2009_07_01_archive.html
> Could those be GSoC projects as well? At least unification of
> selection tools could become a project to povide infrastructure for
> gegl based selection tools (or am I missing an existing one?).

I think that could do some good :).

> Another idea was, IIRC, an on-canvas iWarp implementation on top of
> improved gegl op implemented last GSoC for cage transform so that it
> worked out of cage.

I like that :).

Best regards!

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