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>> - vector layers and drawing geometric primitives [1]
> I'm not convinced of the notion of vector layers. Sure they can be nice
> addition but I fear they'll end up being quite frustrating. I think so
> because to make them as ellastic and usable as in vector graphics
> editors one'd have to double such editor in GIMP. If one won't do that
> then there's a danger of whole tool being not much more than a toy. I'm
> not generally enemy of the idea, but I've got my fears and doubts if it
> hase to be done that way.

There are, in fact, different proposal, if you read the page. Each of
the three groups came up with a different idea. So there is not *one*
way, but actually three ways for you to have fears and doubts about

> I've got a dream about visual editing program consisting of different
> components, each taking care of one of presentation aspects with one
> underlaying rendering engine (target aware angine—I don't like cairo's
> “I don't care what's on the end” attitude ;)).

It's what we, utter geeks, call a framework :)

Deneba/ACD Canvas was an attempt to create such one, but it was done
on top of software started in mid 80s. Sometimes a whole week passes
when I don't wake up in cold sweat seeing it in my dreams.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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