Thus spoke Olof S Kylander
> It depends how you specify feature freeze. Some specify it as a stop to
> add anything (nearly a code freeze) some one else specify it as a clean up
> and fix time until we enter code freeze.

In commercial development (telecom and interactive cable, for example,
where I've worked in the past), "code freezes" are seldom used.  Its almost
impossible, in practice, to disallow code updates because you're always
finding one more bug.

"Feature freezes" tend to be aimed at focusing development efforts on
creating the distributable product.  Often, management will pull features
which aren't working in order to meet the promised schedule, moving the
pulled features to the next release.  

This is just for a comparative purposes.  It doesn't mean Gimp (or any Open
Source project) need follow these guidelines.

> Me my self specify it as a clean up and fix time (that includes
> e.g cleaning the UI to be consistent).  

I could agree with this, as long as the primary goal is the release date set 
at the time of the feature freeze.

> I think they where declared we Sven, Micth, Simon and me made a virtual
> CVS check in 8 August 1999. Which was sent to the mailing list Date: Tue,
> 31 Aug 1999 23:10:15 +0200 (CEST) under the subject "CCC GIMP hacking and
> conclusions. (virtual CVS checkin)" the delay due to that the list was
> down. 
> Here Micth stated a lot of nice cleanups (just go into the mail archive
> and read, since I think sending the mail as an attachment is a bit to
> much) 
> The mail was not "rejected" from the Gimp dev-mail community. I think that
> document is a quite good specification about the UI.

Thats fine, and sticking to the spec as it was defined here is a reasonable
goal.  But consider, too, that 7 months between feature freeze to release
(assuming a March release, as you suggested in an earlier email) is a
rather long time, especially considering it was 6 months (at least) between 
the 1.0 release and the 1.2 feature freeze.
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