Hello all Gimpers ;-)

On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Michael Natterer wrote:

> Hi all,
> all the stuff below sounds quite good (the current modifier usage is
> really confusing, even for experienced users).
> When redefining it (making it consistent), we shouldn't forget to
> care for dnd. Hacking dnd of selection masks / selections between images
> or images and the named buffer dialog shouldn't be too hard.
> I've just redefined the middle mouse button to the standard gimp dnd
> button (not commited yet) Left mousebutton dnd still works as now,
> but with the middle it's possible to drag from the indicator area
> and from the brush/pattern/gradient selections (ie all areas where
> button 1 pops up a preview and/or selects stuff)
> I'm thinking of the following operations:
> <shift>+mouse2  --> copy & paste the selection mask or
>                     copy & paste the selection itself (if it's floated)
> <ctrl>+mouse2   --> cut & paste the selection ifself
>                     (works only if it's floated)
> (You see I'm still speaking in terms of "floating" because I didn't quite
>  get what Tigert means with "nuke" ;-)
> Comments, flames???
> bye,

Sounds fair to me. Really lovely if I may say so --> me say go for it.

To add my view the path to Gimp 1.2 is 

        * Good, consistent and user friendly UI (with out  making to much
          core hacks i.e make it unnessesary unstable)
        * Stability 
        * Release

I mean releasing Gimp 1.2 before that is not wise. Why? Well what we have
been bashed most of is the inconsistent UI. So adding a lot of new
features and then say "stop and go" is not very wise. The bottom line Gimp
is the top of the line open source application that is targeting *_users_.

I don't mind waiting around extra three months to make Gimp be the top of
the line program when it comes to user friendly UI. I mean if we rush it
really we can maybe release Gimp 1.2 in Jan 2000. So how much
will it hurt to release it in Mars instead.

Cheers Olof

* Gimp isn't emacs nor is it a browser, Gimp is a artist program
  targeting both artists and others. Just having artist in the audience
  makes Gimp special. Artists are conservative and they are picky about
  user friendly ness. This means that the UI must be good if we want to
  convince them to use Gimp.  

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