Austin Donnelly wrote:
> On Monday, 1 Nov 1999, Michael Natterer wrote:
> > <shift>+mouse2  --> copy & paste the selection mask or
> >                     copy & paste the selection itself (if it's floated)
> > <ctrl>+mouse2   --> cut & paste the selection ifself
> >                     (works only if it's floated)
> But, people like dragging with mouse1 - its more of a psychological
> think.  Also, not everyone has a 3 button mouse, so putting too much
> on mouse2 is probably bad.

I'm not entirely happy with this, too. However there are places where
both eg a popup _and_ dnd are logical to bind to mouse1. If I find
a way to intuitively distinguish the default mouse1 action (poping
up the preview) and dnd, I'll run and commit the patch. On the other
hand you can now (after my next commit ;-) drag stuff from brushes/
patterns/gradients without changing the active element. In all
places where mouse1 has no special meaning, dnd works with mouse1.

This is not perfect, so please bomb me with suggestions...

> Note also alt+mouse1 drag on a selection moved the mask itself, so
> this feature already exists.  Although many window managers grab alt
> for themselves, this tendency should slowly fade away as windows
> keyboards slowly become standard.

Yep. What I meant was dragging the selection mask / selection itself
to another image, not inside the same canvas.

> Michael Natterer wrote:
> > Comments, flames???
> I think we have larger problems than UI ones right now, and I suggest
> people start fixing them.  Eg:
>     - shrink wrap redraws the entire image 3 times (yes, 3!)
>     - redundant redraws in a number of other places
> These _really_ bite when working with (say) 3000x3000 images.

Agree. But I also think that removing ui inconsistencies actually _is_
bugfixing. Bringing dnd everywhere to make the thing consistent isn't
necessarily bugfixing-only, but as it goes hand-in-hand with the context
stuff (which did fix various bugs), I guess it's worth to finish for 1.2.

Happy GIMPing,


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