Dear Olof,

Michael> for the freeze - focus on bug fixing.   UI problems can be
Michael> considered bugs, but the truth is they are a design issue.  They do work,
Michael> just not as might be desired.

I think that Michael has a good point here.  Why is it useful to
declare a feature freeze?  In my opinion the answer is so people can
begin making plans with respect to the upcoming new stable release.
If just anything is allowed after a feature freeze why declare one?

    Olof> There was no design specifications (if I'm not totally out
    Olof> in the sky flying). We code and write etc. for the fun and
    Olof> joy not to do specifications (don't interpret me wrong
    Olof> design specifications is a very good thing most of the
    Olof> time).

There is no formal design specification.  However, there is an
informal one.  When the feature freeze was announce there was a call
to declare all the features that would be included in version 1.2.
These UI issues were not declared, and, as Michael already said, they
are not bugs.  

Olof, I think that the UI changes you are working on are great and
need to be included in the GIMP.  However, many people have worked
hard (I'm not just speaking for myself) based on the presumption of a
freeze.  I think that should be respected.

Best Wishes,

Carey Bunks

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