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On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Carey Bunks wrote: 
> Michael> for the freeze - focus on bug fixing.   UI problems can be
> Michael> considered bugs, but the truth is they are a design issue.  They do work,
> Michael> just not as might be desired.
> I think that Michael has a good point here.  Why is it useful to
> declare a feature freeze?  In my opinion the answer is so people can
> begin making plans with respect to the upcoming new stable release.
> If just anything is allowed after a feature freeze why declare one?

It depends how you specify feature freeze. Some specify it as a stop to
add anything (nearly a code freeze) some one else specify it as a clean up
and fix time until we enter code freeze.

Me my self specify it as a clean up and fix time (that includes
e.g cleaning the UI to be consistent).  

>     Olof> There was no design specifications (if I'm not totally out
>     Olof> in the sky flying). We code and write etc. for the fun and
>     Olof> joy not to do specifications (don't interpret me wrong
>     Olof> design specifications is a very good thing most of the
>     Olof> time).
> There is no formal design specification.  However, there is an
> informal one.  When the feature freeze was announce there was a call
> to declare all the features that would be included in version 1.2.
> These UI issues were not declared, and, as Michael already said, they
> are not bugs.  

I think they where declared we Sven, Micth, Simon and me made a virtual
CVS check in 8 August 1999. Which was sent to the mailing list Date: Tue,
31 Aug 1999 23:10:15 +0200 (CEST) under the subject "CCC GIMP hacking and
conclusions. (virtual CVS checkin)" the delay due to that the list was

Here Micth stated a lot of nice cleanups (just go into the mail archive
and read, since I think sending the mail as an attachment is a bit to

The mail was not "rejected" from the Gimp dev-mail community. I think that
document is a quite good specification about the UI.

> Olof, I think that the UI changes you are working on are great and
> need to be included in the GIMP.

I'm not working on any changes. I'm writing the help system just now,
which makes it painfully obvious that the UI isn't consistent.

> However, many people have worked
> hard (I'm not just speaking for myself) based on the presumption of a
> freeze.  I think that should be respected.

I know that a lot of people has worked hard, me my self included. The
discussion is not about disrespect. Trust me I respect you and other
hard working people 100%, but I also respect a user demanding a good UI to
work within.

Best Wishes

Olof S Kylander

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