On Wed, Nov 10, 1999 at 02:26:13PM +0100, Raphael Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Solaris 2.6 machine that I use for most of my GIMP work.  If you do
> not want the help system to be part of the standard GIMP package

I have never said that... I _do_ want a help system, but fact is that we
do not have one. Gimp-perl tries to compile on every system where perl is
installed, which is a much larger number than the machines that have gnome

And, btw., I _really_ like to fix any installation bugs, but it works fine
on my machine and all machines I have access to. It also works on all
machines where people had problems (which were operator errors or bugs
that are now fixed).

However, most people "here" just refuse to even try it, since it did not work
many months ago. Bugs are natural, especially in gimp-perl where NOBODY is
helping me.

What makes me sad most is that people like Nick just flame around without
even trying to help. If people post bug reports on this list or to me
privately they will get all help from me that I cna offer.

But bugs are not going to get fixed if they are never getting reported.

> I disagree.  Perl _does_ work on many platforms, but you cannot say the
> same about Gimp-Perl.  The latter only works on _very_few_ platforms,
> because it requires a recent version of Perl (the majority of machines
> that I have access to are using a Perl that is more than two years old),

This is FUD: 5.004 is over two years old, and definitely not the most
recent version of perl.

> with some third-party modules such as PDL, Parse::RecDescent, Gtk-Perl.

Gimp-Perl works fine without any of these modules. Gtk-Perl is highly
recommended, PDL is nice, and nobody needs Parse::RecDescent.

> These modules do not compile cleanly on some systems: PDL worked for
> me under Linux, but not under Solaris where many self-tests failed.

So just do not install it. What's the deal?

> Also, the fact that Perl uses a different set of "configure" rules and
> "prefix" directories means that it is not easy or not possible for
> someone to compile a private copy of the GIMP (with Gimp-Perl enabled)
> on a multi-user system if that person does not have write access to
> the site-perl directories.

This is a common problem with any perl module. The solution is also the
same as with any other perl module.

You can even choose your own prefix with --enable-perl=...prefix, but
obivously it is much easier to just claim things (look at yourself) than
to read the documentation.

> So please stop complaining about the help system, because that could
> backfire on Gimp-Perl quickly...

Why don't you stop spreading FUD? While your view is not 100% wrong, most
of it is FUD and nothing else.

There are many problems (gimp-perl is a very complex thing), but given that
almost nobody is trying to help me I think the result is actually quite good.

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