Sven Neumann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Magnify:
> >               <Shift>  zoom out
> > --->              <Ctrl>   zoom in  
> Isn't it just always Zoom In (I mean unless <Shift> is pressed of course)?

Just an idea: middle mouse-button is panning, why not Shift-middle
button = Zoom Out and ctrl middle-button = zoom in. (Personally I'd
prefer it the opposite: Shift: Zoom In, CTRL: Zoom out, but I cannot
tell you why, it seems more logical for me...)
Maybe using alt for allowing window resizing is a good idea.

In a post 1.2 step we can make the Magnify tool behave the same and
simply bind the middle mouse-button per default to the magnify-tool.
Then you could assign arbitrary tools to the middle mb - for example
to easily switch between the eraser and the paint tool.

BTW: Shift middle-button + some dragging easily leads to artefacts
when the paint tool is active!

Apropos cleanup: What about removing the pencil and substitute it with a
"hard edge" toggle in the Painbrush? Sometimes it is quite hard to
convince the people to use the paintbrush instead of the pencil...



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