On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 01:11:54AM +0100, Olof S Kylander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>       * All Script in Xtns should be under ZZZZZZ-Fu
>         (ZZZ == Lang)

I strongly disagree. From a usability perspective this is nonsense. It might
be nice for a user to know whom to blame for the script (but the language
does not help much), but otherwise the user just has to memorize one fact

It's difficult enough to remember wether a plug-in belongs to (e.g.)
xtens/render or xtns/draw. Having to remember the language in which the
plug-in is written (which means _nothing_ to most users) is only an
additional burden.

> all scripts - Gimp's menu structure will be expanded by "two",
> making it even more bulky to work with. The fact that
> small scripts that can be "undo awar"e are placed in non logical place
> (i.e under Script-XX. Makes scripts even more messy to use.

While this is mostly true, some perl scripts are very useful to all users.
the problem is that the expensive of installing gimp-perl to "just" get a few
standard plug-ins is relatively high.

But there are worse things than that...

PS: I have not _yet_ read your whole mail, but I seem to agree with the rest

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