On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 03:32:40PM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> I just declare all linux distributions (exc. DIY) as broken, as i18n works
> perfect on my machine.

Not to be contrary Marc, but it is not the fault of the vendor if a user
or admin screws up their machine some how. No-one except SuSE (spit) are
shipping Gimp 1.1.x in the box, so it's likely that if it doesn't work
the user screwed up, not the vendor.

For me at least, i686 based RH 6.1 on two machines (one more "out of box"
than the other, but neither of them's been extensively hacked) builds a
working and i18n'd Gimp no problem.

In French I can say "Fichier->New"
and then choose "Type d'image RVB, OK"
Resulting image is called "SansTitre-0.0"

Is there something more I should play with to check that i18n works?
I can't really ask my other test users to play with this, it's a
bit much already that they are running 1.1.x and must suffer the
roller-coaster ride to help me find bugs :)

I understand Marc's frustration that this bug refuses to be tracked down
but will blaming all Linux vendors collectively help?


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