Paul Melis ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I suggest the following generalisation: 
> a thingy (for lack of a good name) which: 
>       - activates a certain tool on the toolbox
>         and has its own settings for that tool
>       - picks a certain color/pattern/gradient
>       - picks a certain brush
>       - etc...
> Every image can then have a set of thingies associated
> with it (just like a set of paths). A user can select
> a thingy from this list, which is an easy way of selecting
> a tool from the toolbox, picking the right color and
> picking the right brush and ...

This has been adressed in the context-system. Michael Natterer
did work on this. I dont know the current state, but it probably
wont come into 1.2.



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