> > I suggest the following generalisation: 
> > a thingy (for lack of a good name) which: 
> >     - activates a certain tool on the toolbox
> >       and has its own settings for that tool
> >     - picks a certain color/pattern/gradient
> >     - picks a certain brush
> >     - etc...
> > Every image can then have a set of thingies associated
> > with it (just like a set of paths). A user can select
> > a thingy from this list, which is an easy way of selecting
> > a tool from the toolbox, picking the right color and
> > picking the right brush and ...

Your thingie is exactly what we call a context...

> This has been adressed in the context-system. Michael Natterer
> did work on this. I dont know the current state, but it probably
> wont come into 1.2.

So far the Context System is only implemented for different input 
devices. In other words, if you use a tablet (or two mice or whatever)
each device has its own context. This context so far includes tool,
fg color, brush, pattern and gradient. The device dialog allows you
to easily modify the context using the usual dialogs or drag'n'drop.

After 1.2 this concept will be enhanced further and should then allow
context-per-image. Also it will allow scripts and plug-ins to have 
their own context, so that they can run without having to modify the 
users settings.

Salut, Sven

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