On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 02:36:36PM -0700, "Michael J. Hammel" 
> They do make it moderately easy during installation, but the default
> installations include lots of things many users will never need.  But

This is not at all a distribution issue. Linux is a *multi*-user system, so
there is not much sense in tailoring the number of installed plug-ins to the
needs of, say, the admin.

Most (but of course not all) of the problems are related to the fact that
the menus are too full and can'T be changed, not necessarily that too many
plug-ins are installed (which is mostly a diskspace problem).

> Do you mean language locales?  I'm not very familiar with working with
> multi-language issues, but I have wondered why this isn't handled by the
> plug-ins directly. 

Because the plug-ins run in a different process-space from the gimp, but
the gimp needs to know translations, and gettetx does not support complex
applications like these.

> GTK supports internationalization, right?

Looking at the current state of gimp, I'd say GTK does not really
_support_ i18n :(

> Anyway, I could be way off here.

No, you aren't ;) What you said is what _should_ be the case, however,
existing packages like gtk+ and gettext do not support the gimp model of
distributed programs with shared menus.

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