On  4 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> Just as the other way woudl.

 Nah, you know working solutions? Well, step up and present them....

> But it would save 3MB of space. Given
> that many people have a 10-20MB quota this is hardly acceptable,
> especially since another solution is available.

 That's why I called it a drawback...
>>  Having multiple domain makes things rather complicated.
> That might be. But it's already done, and works.

 Does it? Then let's go to bed and sleep a while after that great news.
 In fact it doesn't work as it should or how do you want to get your
 catalog into the gimp source?
 The plugins themselves were at no time a problem, the menus inside 
 GIMP are. With any solution you think about, the only thing you have
 ask yourself is: Will GIMP be able to resolve the translated menu names
 with this solution?

>>  And the whole idea would only work as long as the user can write his
>>  own files which isn't true for multiuser systems - there you've
>>  got only your homedirectory...

> A user can always write his own files.

 Of course, I meant systemwide files....

>>  Hehe, the name of the domain is directly coupled to the filename,
>>  however it should be possible to use symlinks... :)
> "Forking symlinks". IF multiple files don't work then multiple
> symlinks won't, either.

 You are right here, however using symlinks could be useful for my
 idea and your writing enlightened me... :))

> Well, it depends on what you are talking about. I talk about
> supporting 1.2, and there definitely will be no experiments with
> alternative i18n packages in 1.2, so yes, gettext is what we will use.

 Somehow this was clear to me... ;/

>>  My idea would work, but would cost space....
> My idea would work, but would cost no space....


>>  To prevent gettext from not working.
> Since gimp currently works exactly that way, I do not buy this...

 If there is no problem, why don't we release GIMP then now? 
 My problem is that anything that is not distributed with GIMP
 won't work in the users native language. And this in very
 unpleasant and while I undestand that people using the English 
 version don't really care about this I do and also have to...


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