Thus spoke Marc Lehmann
> Well, most distros tend to compile every optional feature they cna find
> into a program. It's already not too difficult to tailor a distribution,
> but nobody does that.

They do make it moderately easy during installation, but the default
installations include lots of things many users will never need.  But
that's a discussion for another list, I think.  :-)

> One possible reason is that it is a pain in the ass to install additional
> plug-ins. Some things, like translations, must be part of the distribution
> currently.

Do you mean language locales?  I'm not very familiar with working with
multi-language issues, but I have wondered why this isn't handled by the
plug-ins directly.  GTK supports internationalization, right?  So shouldn't
the plug-ins be responsible for the language issues?  Otherwise it puts a
large burden on Gimp to manage something that is already (supposedly)
handled at a lower level (the widget kit).

Anyway, I could be way off here.  Like I said, I don't know that much about
internationalization.  Or even if that's what you were referring to! :-)
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