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> > You seem to want to move the catalogs to the home directorys, which is
> > much worse (one copy for each user is insane).
>  But would work....

Just as the other way woudl. But it would save 3MB of space. Given that
many people have a 10-20MB quota this is hardly acceptable, especially
since another solution is available.

>  Having multiple domain makes things rather complicated.

That might be. But it's already done, and works.

>  And the whole idea would only work as long as the user can write his
>  own files which isn't true for multiuser systems - there you've got
>  only your homedirectory...

A user can always write his own files.

> > OR can we bind a domain on more than one .mo-file (probably not).
>  Hehe, the name of the domain is directly coupled to the filename,
>  however it should be possible to use symlinks... :)

"Forking symlinks". IF multiple files don't work then multiple symlinks
won't, either.

>  and one catalog... I had something in mind like: cat them together,
>  remove the second header and duplicate entires (i.e. entries with the
>  same wording)


>  :)) using gettext? Marc, I just remembered what you said to me about
>  a half year ago: gettext is broken! NOW I believe you, I fear I could
>  write buglists which are longer than the source of gettext... growing

Well, it depends on what you are talking about. I talk about supporting
1.2, and there definitely will be no experiments with alternative i18n
packages in 1.2, so yes, gettext is what we will use.

> > So it does not matter wether it's slow to merge catalogs, it matters
> > wether it is possible at all to cleanly install plug-ins later.
>  My idea would work, but would cost space....
My idea would work, but would cost no space....

> > Why is that necessary?
>  To prevent gettext from not working.

Since gimp currently works exactly that way, I do not buy this...

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