Thus spoke Marc Lehmann
> This is not at all a distribution issue. Linux is a *multi*-user system, so
> there is not much sense in tailoring the number of installed plug-ins to the
> needs of, say, the admin.

Playing the devils advocate here, you could also say there is not much
sense in tailoring it for a multi-user system if many of your users are
using it on a single user box.  It's a reasonable argument, but there isn't
a good answer for it.  From my point of view, Gimp is not a multi-user tool
(even if it can run happily on multi-user systems) so should be packaged
for single users.  University admins would probably argue otherwise.

> Most (but of course not all) of the problems are related to the fact that
> the menus are too full and can'T be changed, not necessarily that too many
> plug-ins are installed (which is mostly a diskspace problem).

There are some menus that need adjusting to reduce the number of entries.
One thing I noticed today is that there are still menus that don't fit well
on my 800x600 laptop.  Configurable menus is probably the only good long
term solution to this sort of problem, however.

Similarly, the Palette options for the Indexed Color Conversion dialog
doesn't fit in an 800x600 display using the default fonts.  There are so
many palettes provided in the distribution that a scrolled list is now a
better display option here.
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