> The interesting thing is: While I was told that the .gmo files should be
> in cvs, I don't see any other .gmo files in the CVS.

Huh, who told you this?

> So _I_ am utterly confused about the supposed way to do i18n in Gimp (as
> opposed to doing i18n in other gnu projects), since the cvs tree actively
> clashes with what I get told by Sven, Daniel and others.
> In the past, doing my own thing was not good. Listening to the experts,
> however, proved to be even worse.

Marc, you did not do what I told you to do (which is perfectly ok, since I'm
wrong sometimes, too), but I tried my best to describe how the rest of The 
handles the po-file machinery and as a result you implemented something 

Salut, Sven

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