> It's a feature: it doubles the chance that a user finds it. ;-)


> At first sight your suggestion looks fine to me. My problem is that I
> *know* where to find the topics (translator/documenter bias ;-)).
> So shouldn't we ask someone who had never worked with GIMP or had
> never tried to read the manual? ;-)

That *is* me, isn't it? ("a new user perspective")

>> Because it was easy, I've used a more visually compact page layout,
>> which I prefer - that's a secondary (independent) issue.
> Note that the table of contents is created automatically. So if we
> build the manual without changing the toc parameters, your toc will no
> longer be compact.

Actually I was referring to the page content on eg the 'basic concepts' page, 
where the writing and the pictures are closer together in my version than in 
existing version - allows you to see more on one screen

> (We can also build a compact toc, e.g. with
>       make html-en XSLTEXTRAFLAGS='--stringparam toc.max.depth 2'
> and then the current toc is as readable as your version.)

It would be, although even with 2 levels it would still miss basic concepts, 
layers, selections. But that would be a vast improvement in my view :). And if 
people could not find what they wanted from that, we'd know the structure was 


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