> "Selections" as sub-section of "Painting" is not too absurd IMHO.
> Remember that you can select and copy/cut to create a new brush
> (see 7.9.2. "Creating a brush quickly").

Sorry - should have replied to this. If I'm right that the contents page is too 
long, then a new user needs to be able to find "Selections" from a top level 
section heading.

"Painting" suggests brushes, fill tools, etc to me. I wouldn't immediately look 
there for help on selecting. I might possibly look under "Toolbox" I suppose, 
having seen some of the selection tools, although that is on the 8th screen of 
the current contents so I might miss it.

The killer point is that the contents are for someone who doesn't currently 
that "you can select and copy/cut to create a new brush." Actually I didn't ;).

It's just my view of course...

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