>> Adding this shortcut would train users to use a workflow with an
>> artificial stumbling block inbetween....
> Okay, then what purpose does the "Save a copy" command do these days when
> from the user's perspective the ONLY difference between it and "Export" is
> the target file format?  I suggested it once that the former should now be
> treated as a variation of Export.

Personally, I would use Save a Copy to create incremental backups of
my xcf files.  If my project xcf is "bob.xcf" then every now and then
at a different completion save I do a Save As "bob-1.xcf" then later
"bob-2.xcf" but I continue working in "bob.xcf" as my active image.

(I created a script under 2.6 http://registry.gimp.org/node/14246 to
do this for me, using a date/number append so I don;t have to remember
which save-as version I've already used.)

-Rob A>
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