Richard Gitschlag ( wrote:
> > there is something we can do to help the non-pro - and it does not
> > interfere with the "professionals" workflow it probably will be
> > considered and added.
> taking the existing warning and giving it an "Export/Cancel"
> choice instead of simply "OK" ?  That's the easiest compromise that's
> been suggested, and it's been dogmatically shot down as "not doing
> that, sorry".  That is the part I just don't understand / agree with.

There are a few problems I can see with this.

As you probably know, people (professionals and non-pros) don't read
dialogs. There is powerful pattern matching going on there and people
just hit a button without realizing what they just did.

Adding this shortcut would train users to use a workflow with an
artificial stumbling block inbetween. Instead of getting used to the
distinction between save and export they'd just see this new nuisance
thing they encounter when trying to "save" their work. They just
wouldn't use the Export menu entry. And then we'd get the same flak we
get now for adding this nuisance. I don't see anything good in this

The opposite example is what we did some time ago with the basic color
correction tools: We added buttons that allow a user to "migrate" to
more powerful utils: Brightness & Contrast offers to "Edit these
Settings as Levels", which in turn suggest the Curves tool, each time
enhancing the flexibility and guiding the user to more advanced
features, therefor helping in discovering new features.

There is no conceptually similiar relationship for Save and Export,
we want them to be considered separate things. Hence no shortcut.

Better explanation?

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